Quick Update

I forgot to tell you guys—-I usually change looks often to whatever is trendy in the Poptropica Store. So, don’t blame me if I’m not in my baseball costume. I’m just following the trend. Lol. 😀 That means, I have no signature look right now. But if I do, I’ll tell you guys. 🙂





A Sort-Of Updated Map

Hello guys! It’s Sticky Icicle and today we are gonna discuss the Poptropica Islands Map.

We all know Monkey Wrench Island is a special, new island that is automatically played for new players, but optional for experienced ones.

I was about to play Mystery Of The Map Island until I found out something. There was the Monkey Wrench Island icon, ready for poptropicans of all kinds to play! I was excited to replay it, but it made me wonder, where is the Arabian Nights Island? 

I looked for it on the next area and there it was, Arabian Nights, fit in with the other second-map-page islands. Looks like MWI is official, guys. You can play it with just 2 clicks. 😀

Turns out, the other islands were adjusted for the island. I can’t wait to play in a whole new order! (Because guys, I play first-map-page islands first on old accounts, then second-map-page, third-map-page, etc.)

Here’s an image of the first-and-second-map-pages for confirmation:

PopPhoto3See, Arabian Nights is on the second-map-page! 😀PopPhoto4

Okay, I gotta go. I just can’t wait to play all these islands! ❤


Vote now, or forever hold your peace!

Hey guys! It’s Sticky Icicle of Poptropica!

So today I’m here in the Home Island Common Room, and I went to the MARCH MADNESS poster. So far I voted 3 islands— Nabooti Island, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, and Big Nate Island.

So, if you don’t know what the March Madness poster looks like and where it’s located, it’s at EVERY common room, so don’t forget, when you cross over one strange common room, go inside and vote for your favorite members island!

Guys, this is YOUR chance to have your favorite members-only island unlocked to the public FOREVER. So vote now, or forever hold your peace! 😀


Have fun voting! The deadline is March 31. Hurry and VOTE! 🙂