Hey! I’m Sticky Icicle aka Itsmeanna27. You can call me Anna, 27, Ice, or S.I. I am a baseball and handball player (really, no lie—-which is why I’m wearing a baseball costume on Poptropica!)

I love watching anime and playing video games, but most of the time I would visit Poptropica and play a new island. I also love pizza. If you are having pizza, invite meh! 😀

Lol, just kidding. See me around Poptropica in the Home Island Common Room (Sticky Icicle) or add me! (Itsmeanna27).

I would love to meet you!

I also have a YT channel that’s freshly created. I’ll share it to you guys when I finally make a video. 🙂

xo, Anna.


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