A Sort-Of Updated Map

Hello guys! It’s Sticky Icicle and today we are gonna discuss the Poptropica Islands Map.

We all know Monkey Wrench Island is a special, new island that is automatically played for new players, but optional for experienced ones.

I was about to play Mystery Of The Map Island until I found out something. There was the Monkey Wrench Island icon, ready for poptropicans of all kinds to play! I was excited to replay it, but it made me wonder, where is the Arabian Nights Island? 

I looked for it on the next area and there it was, Arabian Nights, fit in with the other second-map-page islands. Looks like MWI is official, guys. You can play it with just 2 clicks. 😀

Turns out, the other islands were adjusted for the island. I can’t wait to play in a whole new order! (Because guys, I play first-map-page islands first on old accounts, then second-map-page, third-map-page, etc.)

Here’s an image of the first-and-second-map-pages for confirmation:

PopPhoto3See, Arabian Nights is on the second-map-page! 😀PopPhoto4

Okay, I gotta go. I just can’t wait to play all these islands! ❤



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